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Abbatial election at the Abbey of Our Lady of Saint Bernard

We were waiting for the date of the feast of the Transitus of Saint Benedict to start posting here, when we were surprised by the happy news of the abbot election of D. Paulo Celso Demartini, for the second time, as abbot of the Abbey of Nossa Senhora de São Bernardo, in São José do Rio Pardo, during the paternal visit of D. Stefano Zanolini, Abbot of the Abbey of Chiaravalle, in Milan, and President of the Italian Congregation, who was accompanied by Me. Aline Grammachi, of the Abbey of Saints Gervasius and Saint Protasius, in San Giacomo di Veglia, Italy, both of the same Congregation. We ask God, through the intercession of Saint Joseph, to accompany Dom Paulo Celso in this continuation of his abbotial office, granting him the graces and light necessary to guide his monastic community, on the path of humility and obedience of Christ the Lord.

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